How to build a natural playground

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Almost all children today are using many hours each day in a recreational institution or school. A lot of the time spent on the playground. A natural playground is a great way to appeal to children's creativity and imagination, while children play with tools made from natural products. A natural playground is built of natural materials and allows children to creative play in an environment that is healthier than conventional playgrounds.

When you want to create a natural playground should make up their minds what the purpose is. A natural playground is not automatically equal to the natural beauty when it is in the city, but by using, for example, pressure-treated wood and put logs in the ground, you take much better for the environment, playground expression and especially children's health.

You can also try to create a focal point for kids by getting into the wild in other ways, by for example having several kinds of plants or unconventional play equipment such as trees, running water, hills, free land, etc. A natural playground need not necessarily be constructed as new in a free territory. It is perfectly possible to transform a more traditional playground for a playground. By adding and changing small things can take the playground's significantly different. It depends only on the adults' motivation and willingness to create new experiences for the children.

A big advantage of getting a natural playground is that the institution does not need to spend nearly as much time and money on having to go on excursions to nature with change of hours to follow. Children should also have access to outdoor experiences in everyday life and not just on a few occasions, though a natural playground of course could never replace a walk in the woods or on the beach. In addition, a natural playground good for the environment. By using organic materials saves both waste and energy to manufacture.

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How to build a natural playground

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This article was published on 2010/11/04